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Because this a bespoke service tailored to the needs of our clients unfortunately it cannot be accessible to all. There is a membership limit of 500 people at all times, therefore we have an application process set in place that will help you determine whether this service is suitable for you.


1. Follow us on Instagram: Follow and engage with us via social media. We are a socially led    service so we want to see that you are active with us on social media so we can better understand what you like and need from us.


2. Subscribe to our mailing list: Be subscribed to our mailing list so you stay updated on any new developments.Friend referral: You can become a member of Classles through friend referrals from existing members


3. Submit an application form:

Fill out our application form and our client relation manager will access your suitability, which is dependant on membership availability.

How to Become a Member

1. Once membership is approved, members will be allocated a personal shopper who will personally attend to them in every sale. For enquiries including images, purchases, shipping it is quicker to talk to your personal shopper directly.


2. Our personal shoppers will send you an invite to a sale that we attend on your behalf. Please bare in mind we are not a directory for sales so please do not ask us for any sale information i.e. location and admission. Our team will send you images of what is available in your size.


3. Membership capacity is 500 people but will be assessed every 6 months for new members based upon spending performance.


4. With some Sample sales there may be a ‘minimum spend’ requirement- please do not contact us unless you can meet the required amount.


5. As these are sample sales we have to adhere to the rules the brands stipulate which includes no refunds or exchanges- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


6. Items will not be purchased or posted until invoice has been paid for. Immediate payment is required each time.


7. This service is on a first come first serve basis- stock is limited and the most admired pieces go very quickly so please be prepared when you participate.

How Membership Works:


1. Exclusive access to designer sample sales that are not available for public access


2. Early access to the best sample sales before the general public

3. Shopping through our dedicated personal shoppers through the comfort of your phone from anywhere around the world.


4. Avoid long queues, disappointing stock inventory and rummaging through rails of clothes.




Non-Members can have the chance to occasionally shop with us via our insta-story so make sure you follow us on instagram: @class_les

Membership Benefits